Venue: Peace Village Center

Date: 20-22/08/2021

From August 20th to August 22nd , 2021 was organized a holiday camp towards children supported by SINAPISI RWANDA in partnership with Kbf e.V.

The holiday camp started at 8 a.m. with 47 participants. Every participant had to wash his hands with hand sanitizer before proceeding to the peace village center main hall.

The objectives of this holiday camp were:

1. To know the situation of children by Covid 19 test
2. Sharing information on children’s social situation in foster families and the prevention of Covid 19 and other pandemics
3. Analyzing results of the school year and getting report forms and schools’ notices from children

Every participant was given a new face mask and had to wash his hands with hand sanitizer before proceeding to the peace village center main hall.

Before the holiday camp kicked off, the Secretary General of SINAPISI RWANDA Mr. KEMAYIRE Pierre GAHUNGA welcomed all the participants and briefed them on the journey motive of this event that occurs each three months.

He seized the opportunity to introduce to them an agent of Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) who was sent to test the participants Covid 19. He asked them to not get scared because the test is not painful.

Testing and knowledge on COVID 19

On 60 students invited from different districts of Rwanda, 47 participants underwent Covid 19 testing and none of them was tested positive. This was a credit to them as they showed that they know well how dangerous this pandemic is and take serious measures accordingly.

They got some skills on Covid 19 from RBC

Sharing information in families

Children said that they are well treated in their families and appreciated the regular follow up done by SINAPISI RWANDA. According to what they said, this show them that they are not rejected. They also said that they observe all measures set by the government of a Rwanda to fight against Covid 19 and other pandemics. It was also an occasion to share food and drink.

Sharing on their performance at school

Some of the children did not perform well at school and one of the reason, according to them, is the fact that they have been disturbed by the outbreak of Covid 19 since the school year that was due to cover one year (From January 2020 to September 2020), covered two years (January 2020 to September 2021) and this was worsened by different lockdowns imposed by the government to contain the spreading of Covid 19.
However, they promised that the following school year will be better than this one.

A few of them had report forms because some schools sent students home before they finish putting marks on report forms.

The Secretary General of SINAPISI RWANDA gave them some pieces of advice regarding how to perform well at school and promised that SINAPISI RWANDA will keep on supporting them to prepare them for a brighter future.