On February 8th, 2022 SINAPISI RWANDA celebrated the 30th Anniversary of its foundation. The ceremonies took place in Gikondo parish main hall and were preceded by a Thanksgiving Mass celebrated in this parish by a Franciscan Brother RUGIGANA Floerent.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Pierre Gahunga KEMAYIRE the Secretary General of SINAPISI RWANDA told the participants to this ceremony that they were gathered to give thanks to God for the message of Dignity for all that He gave to Jean Baptiste on 8th February 1992 through SINAPISI RWANDA.

Taking the speech, Jean Baptiste SENGAYIRE, founder of SINAPISI RWANDA strongly thanked the partners of this organization but more specifically, he appreciated the partnership relations that exist between Kbf e.V and SINAPISI RWANDA. He explained to the audience that it is thanks to the support of this German organization that SINAPISI RWANDA has succeeded to achieve many of its goals. He continued that Kbf e.V was the main partner that provided support to children living in Peace Village Center and he added that even though, since 2015 the government of Rwanda has set a policy that children must be raised in families, hence the closure of orphanages in the country, Kbf e.V has kept supporting SINAPISI RWANDA by providing the organization with necessary means to cover the education and other needs of children placed in foster families and the support to small projects intended to raise the living standards of foster families through BAHONEZA SOLIDARITY FUND. He stressed that SINAPISI RWANDA deeply recognize the effort and humanitarian spirit that characterize Kbf e.V. and wished that their partnership will last forever.

Giving a brief background of SINAPISI RWANDA, Mr. Jean Baptiste SENGAYIRE who founded it said that it was founded in 1992 when the country was plunging into darkness. He received the message of founding this organization after leaving his well-paying job as manager of PETRORWANDA, an oil company. What the Lord told him to do was only possible through the cross: to bring consolation to people. After leaving the job, he encountered many challenges from different sides, some people considered him as a mentally disordered person and even his family was angry towards him because they could not understand why he leaves the job while they were expecting a lot from him. During these moments of confusion, Bishop Nicodeme NAYIGIZIKI encouraged him to go on by telling him that it was not Satan who was tempting him but God Himself wanted him to be His servant even though people of that time were calling him a con man.

On how SINAPISI RWANDA was created, he told the audience that it was under this encouragement of bishop Nicodeme that he accepted to receive 4 children of a widow infected with AIDS. After receiving them he found himself begging for their livelihood. As one of them was born with AIDS, Jean Baptiste had no choice and was obliged to go to health center to request for support designed for HIV/AIDS affected persons. There, patients used to ask him for how long he has been suffering from this disease and he told them that it was for a long time, but in reality he was not suffering from HIV/AIDS, he just wanted to know more about the challenges people suffering from AIDS encounter in their life. From that experience, he created PAMASOR RWANDA, a program designed to assist HIV/AIDS affected persons and rejected orphans which later became SINAPISI RWANDA with the sole objective of giving dignity to all people because he realized that people suffering from AIDS and orphans were not treated like other people.

Jean Baptiste requested the audience to share life because nothing is greater than life. He challenged every person present in the ceremonies to go deep in himself and find the richness he possesses and share it with the rest of the people as Jean Baptiste himself did by creating SINAPISI RWANDA, which according to him, is nothing but the richness he has found in himself and that he decided not to keep deep down in him, but to share it with other Rwandans.
He concluded by saying that SINSPISI RWANDA should be understood as a channel through which one can meet God and thus, the person who has known this organization will never do bad things but good things only, because it is the seed from the cross on which Jesus was crucified. Jean Baptiste wished that through SINAPISI RWANDA, wrong doers will be transformed into well-wishers.

Some persons gave testimonies about SINAPISI RWANDA:


“I know SINAPISI RWANDA since 1998 after genocide against Tutsis. We were five children in our family with one parent, our mother, who later died. After her death, life became hard. We used to be visited by Inshuti z’Umusaraba (Friends of the Cross) who came to console us in our hard life; later we came to know that they were sisters. Those sisters were managing an orphanage called Peace Village Center and hey took us to that orphanage. In the Peace Village center, the sisters (that we used to call mums) treated us well, we were given good discipline. Even though the center hosted children with different background, the mums managed to take care of all of us in the same way. We did not live in common halls as many may think but in different homes like in a family, with a mum responsible of each home. After leaving the Peace village, we started a new life and now some of us are married and we are fathers and mothers worth name. We thank the Founder of SINAPISI RWANDA who always keeps thinking about us; even today if one of us has a problem, the first person to address to is Jean Baptiste SENGAYIRE and his family because they are our parents. We also thank the sisters (mums) and brothers (dads) for the love they showed us and continue to show us. I cannot end without mentioning that, under the support of SINAPISI RWANDA and its partners, I succeeded to establish a hardware shop. SINAPISI RWANDA through Kbf. e.V gave me a startup capital of 5,000,000 Rwf. Now that helps to prepare my future and that of my little brothers.”


“I am a father of five (5) children including twins (Eric NZABONIMPA and Carmella UMUTESI) who used to live in Peace Village Center. I did not know SINAPISI RWANDA before. One day my wife and I we were in a church, seated in different places and during the announcements, we heard that there is a program of the government that children should be raised in families, so the priest asked people who are ready to take children to put their hands up, I raised the hand and to my surprise I realized that even my wife had raised the hand. The priest told us that one should put his hand down because we were two from one family. So, they registered us but when time came to visit the children, we found that only the remaining children without families to receive them were twins. No one wanted to take them. We accepted to take them because in ourselves we said that it is the will of God. The first day they came to visit our family, Eric and Carmella were very happy and they did not want to go back to Peace Village. After they have visited us, we went to take them to our family.

As soon as we have integrated them in our family, people started to spread rumors to my wife that those children are my own children that I have got out of wedlock, but my wife could not consider this because she knew all the process we made so that those children came to our family. The fact behind those lies was that one of the twins resembled me.

I really appreciate the behavior of these twins and the way they perform at school. We have trained them to do some home activities and they are happy to be skilled to them. I thank SINAPISI RWANDA for assisting my children with school fees and the likes.

Under the short term loan from BAHONEZA SOLIDARITY FUND, a program of SINAPISI RWANDA to raise the living standard of its beneficiaries by making savings and requesting loans, I was given a loan to raise pigs and after a certain time I sold piglets and from the profit I have extended my house; now it is a big one capable of accommodating properly all my children. Nothing can separate the twins from my biological children. I treat them equally and even my relatives and family members are aware that when it comes to giving my children inheritance, the twins I received from SINAPISI RWANDA will get an equal part like my biological ones.”


“I have known SINAPISI RWANDA 17 ago. I was suffering from HIV/AIDS to the extent that I had 26 kg. Imagine a woman who has a husband and 5 children who weighs 26 kg! I have spent 6 months in coma in Kibagabaga hospital. It is when I was admitted that I heard about PAMASOR RWANDA which is now SINAPISI RWANDA. Its agents were teaching marginalized people and HIV/AIDS infected persons to not surrender, to have hope of life. At that time I hated my life and had refused to take antiretroviral medicines because I wanted to die. SINAPISI RWANDA agents visited me and taught me how to restore hope in myself, they trained me how to make saving from little money. Together with other marginalized people we started making savings. I remember I started with 100 Rwf, later on I was given a loan of 500 Rwf. I restored love of my life and my saving went increasingly that now I have bought a farm with a value of one million Rwanda Francs (1,000,000 RWF). I have built a beautiful house and as you see, my condition has changed, and no one can imagine that I am HIV positive! My neighbors don’t believe their eyes when they remember how I was before I got assisted by SINAPISI RWANDA. SINAPISI RWANDA has trained me in different skills to the degree that now I am a leader of many saving and Lending Groups (SLGs). I can’t finish without thanking Jean Baptiste SENGAYIRE, the founder of SINAPISI RWANDA, may God bless you abundantly. You have restored hope in many Rwandans”.

It was also a good moment of sharing Fanta and food.

Among participants were the following:
  Local authorities
  Saint Jacob students
  Saint Philip students
  Parents of St Jacob and St Philips schools Students
  Foster families
  Men and women who leaved in Peace village reintegrated in the society before foster family program
  Members of the Mission of the Glorious Cross
  Beneficiaries of SINAPISI from different districts