SINAPISI RWANDA celebrated its 30th Anniversary on 8th February 2022. This event was crucial that there was organized SINAPISI SOLIDARITY WEEK during which many activities took place such as visiting foster families and their projects, noting their challenges and requests, mobilizing local governance to support the efforts of SINAPISI RWANDA and its partners in fighting for the dignity for all, starting by the most vulnerable ones, visiting different schools in Kigali to intervene in the well-being of vulnerable people especially those supported by SINAPISI RWANDA.

It is in this respect that students from St Jacob School collected clothes and shoes to support children that used to be raised in Peace Village Center now placed in foster families. As the Headmaster of this school said, students were touched by the message of Mr. Pierre Gahunga KEMAYIRE, Secretary General of SINAPISI RWANDA when he visited the school during SINAPISI SOLIDARITY WEEK, and explained them the background of the children who are supported by the organization he heads. When he told them that the majority of these children don’t have parents due to the history of the country, that some were rejected by their mother just after their birth, some students did not hide their emotions. They stood and told the visitor that they have many clothes at home, while others said that they have more than one pair of shoes that they should give to those who don’t have. However, Mr. Pierre Gahunga KEMAYIRE requested them that they should explain this to their parents so that they can allow them to surrender just one or two of their clothes or pair of shoes to SINAPISI RWANDA to support vulnerable children.

Therefore, for these children, the SINAPISI SOLIDARITY WEEK was extended to give them enough time to collect their support. Saint Jacob students succeeded to collect many clothes and pair of shoes to help those who are most vulnerable. These clothes and shoes were presented to SINAPISI RWANDA on Monday 28 February 2022.

Mr. Eugene NTIRENGANYA, Foster Family Officer in SINAPISI RWANDA who received these effects, thanked the students for their compassion and encouraged them to keep this good culture of supporting the needy, which characterizes Rwandans since time immemorial. He wished them bright future and success in their studies.
SINAPISI RWANDA sensitizes each and every one to follow the example of these students and to this work of charity wherever they are.